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Kindle on the road

I promised to say a bit more about how I liked the Kindle after using it a while. I must admit that it haven’t been used very much at home, mostly since most of the books I’ve read lately haven’t been available on it. I’ve been reading books about software development, and thought there are a few on the Kindle, it seems that there are still quite a few that’s missing.

But recently I was away on a 10 day vacation to the US. I had a little while ago started Asimov’s “Foundation” on the Kindle, and thought a long vacation would be a perfect opportunity to finish this book. I pretty soon found that travelling with the Kindle is brilliant. I had a long layover in Copenhagen, and go to read quite a lot of the book, so much that I was getting afraid that I would be out of reading material during the upcoming flight to Newark, should I continue to read all through it. But it was very easy to turn on the wireless on the Kindle and then buy the next book in the series so it would be ready.

The main downside from reading a paper book that I noticed when travelling, was the fact that I had to turn it off during takoff/landing. Otherwise, it was a very nice reading experience. I also like the fact that I have a dictionary available, should I come across a word I don’t understand, or want a better definition of than I can get from the context.

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