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WPF and Silverlight training

This week I’m attending a couple of training courses on WPF and Silverligt given by Billy Hollis. So far it has been very interesting, and I’ve learned a bit of new ways of thinking about GUI and design.

One discussion we’re having among the colleagues who are here, is how much of this we will be able to use later. Since we’re working on a huge legacy application, mostly written in C++ with the GUI in WinForms on C++/CLI, we have to be careful about trying to be to creative. There is no way we can rewrite the entire application using WPF in a short term, so any use of it will have to be considered very carefully and deliberatlely. However, in parts of the application we’ve already started using new technologies, porting elemenents to new technology with C# and WPF (which is what we’ll be discussing at our NDC talk this summer).

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