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Face to Face meetings and Presentation Skills

This has been a very busy week.

First we had a workshop in our office with two visitors from one of our offices in France. We had a lot of issues to discuss, and once again the value of face to face conversation over lengthy email discussions was evident. Though all problems are not yet solved, we have a made a plan which hopefully should get us to a solution, particularly now that we all have sat together and gotten closer to a common understanding of the project.

In addition, the last two days of this week I have attended a training course in “Advanced Presentation Skills”. We were six students in the course who all got to try ourselves as presenters on multiple occasions. The instructor taped us on video during some of our presentations,  and we got feedback from the instructor and each other. It was two hectic, but very inspiring days. I learned a lot about my presenting that I hope I can use for my presentations in the future.

One of the most valuable lessons I brought with me from this training was how important the structure of the presentation is. Looking back at the presentation we did at NDC this summer, I can see several things I would have liked to improve. It wasn’t a bad presentation, but we didn’t really make our point as clear as we could.

I also got several hints about my delivery style that I want to keep improving.

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